Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Finish Strong

So they sent me off to this capacitacion of the mission with all the missionaries who are finishing soon. It use to be called Trunky Training but now it is called Finish Strong. It is suppose to help all the missionaries that are finishing to talk about their fears and concerns and not with their companions who are no where near finishing the mission at times. It was more interesting for me to hear the comments of other missionaries. 
To me it all has to do with enduring to the end. It is not just making it to the end but doing it well. No one starts anything to just start something. A race, a project...nothing. I did not come on a mission to start one but to complete one. No one ever really remembers how you started but they remember how you finished. 
President talked about something that really caught my attention. There are only two real questions we have to face...will I finish or will I fail. There isn't too much in between. 
This week I had been studying a lot about Christ's final hours. He was tempted. But he resisted. A lot of missionaries finishing seem to find more temptations with obedience. They have been doing the same thing for so long and a change in the schedule they tend to look for. But just like Christ we have to resist. 
Also, Chirst never feared death. Why not? Death to him was only a requirement for resurrection and to return to the Father from whom He had come. Something beyond what he had before possessed. This is what gave Him power to lay down His life voluntarily. 
From my Finish Strong I basically came out with the impression of the importance of setting goals for after the mission while still in the mission. The spirit we are promised as missionaries is so strong and it is important to take advantage of it for all of the hardships and choices that will soon come after the mission. 
Have an awesome week. I love you all! 
Hermana Lance

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  1. You are so young and you are so wise. It takes most of us our whole lives to figure out what life is truly about. I am so excited for you because I know these last few weeks will be "gangbusters" for you. All those athletic competitions you excelled in were never won by resting the last period. Go Teddie, Spike it!!!!