Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Blog post!

I do not have any cool ideas for a title and the space bar on this computer is really lame so it is going to be a short one.
Even though we had a lot of future people to work with this week we hardly entered the house of anyone besides the members. We work in the morning and then come in for lunch and at 3:30 till 10:30 we are back out working. Everyday we spent probably 30 minutes not in the street. All of our future investigatores either are not there for our visits or have a reason to not let us pass by.

But no importa! We have a great convert that we have been working with a ton. Her name is Elisabeth and she is schizophrenic. So she will receive us for a week solid and then the next week not want anything to do with our visits or our phone calls for a month straight. So when this happens we drop off notes and talks from general authorities and do our best to be there for her when she is ready. BUT!!!! We put our whole ward on a goal to read the Book of Mormon in 4 months. They started at the beginning of Feb. And she is doing it and doing it way faster then everyone else. She has been so receptive and even though she does not understand it all too well she can not get enough of the way she feels when she reads. She not only wants us over and teaching all the time but she is always so willing to leave with us when we invite her to go and teach others and she shares her testimony. She even gave us a reference of a friend to go teach. She has been progressing so well spiritually and with her health as well.

Oh and the best part! Everyone has been saying I talk with an accent from Brazil a little now thanks to my companion. When I talk on the phone they always finishing by saying oh and tell the gringita hi! 

Meet Norma, just a good friend who always makes us stop for ice cream on our hot days. 

Making Humitas!!! 


  1. That is a LOT of corn!!! Sounds like you are having a normal mission learning the lessons of the Spirit the LORD needs you to learn for your future family. It was pure inspiration to challenge your current ward to read the Book of Mormon. Every summer our Stake President issues that same challenge. Our Stake members should be experts by now.....6 years of reading the Book of Mormon. Keep walking and talking with the power of the Holy Spirit. You are blessed Hermanas, po!

  2. I love that you are lifting this sister with her many struggles.