Friday, November 20, 2015

6 Souls in Church!!!

(This post took place the week before the previous post!!!!)  

We had 6 investigators in church on Sunday with baptism dates programmed! Not only that but Chile finally is off of strike and is marring people! They started today! :) Mariela and Luis will get married on the 12th and we are invited :) They have to wait however to be baptized on the 28th because this weekend is stake conference and then the next weekend our ward has a trip to the temple. The same thing happened with Claudio's baptism but they are both all very committed to get to the 28th :) 
Okay before I get to the other investigators I have to brag about Geraldcito the convert from Hermana Parkin and I. HE IS GOING TO THE TEMPLE. He had beaten us to it. We were having a lesson in the church Friday night and a member from the Bishopric came in and started giving him more details about the trip and we were so surprised and happy and he told us he was the first one to sign his name up on the list to go. 
Okay so the other 3 investigators that came to church are:
Andrea: 18 years old single mom
Cristhofer: (yes that is how you spell his name) 24 years old 
Roldolfo: 23 years old
They are all pretty dang young but they are all way awesome. I wish I could say we did something way cool to find Cristhofer but we did not. He actually contacted us. We were just being diligent and obedient. We were following our plans and were we were suppose to be at the hour. I was actually doing a mini exchange with a missionary in her training still and we were contacting a guy when Cristhofer came up to us. He asked if we were Mormon missionaries and we told him yes and he asked if we could talk to him after we finished with the other guy. So after we finished talking to this guy who wanted nothing to do with us we went looking for Cristhofer and we could not find him I even asked my comp just to be sure that she saw him too. But then he got out of his car and waved us over.....a bit creepy. Plus he had a skull on his shirt and he was pretty dirty. I kept asking him comp how she was feeling to see if she had a bad impression about going and talking to him. 
We went and he had just finished working and that is why he was so dirty. He told us that his friend (who was waiting for him in the car) and him were new in town and that they are catolica but that were not happy there and that they were always interested in what we share. 
So here is the cool part. During the day I had been making calls and setting up appointments and we had a productive activity set for every hour except for 6 o clock. So every contact I was trying so hard to commit someone to having us over at 6 o clock and no one would accept. And it is a good thing they didn't because Cristhofer asked us if we could come over around 6 to visit them. 
We had the whole missionary movie of when two elders in Russia got kidnapped playing in our head but nahhh nothing like that. 
He accepted baptism a week ago but did not come to church because he said that he needed to work.....he is his own boss though so he can control that. Also he did not read or say his prayer that we committed him to do. We we met up with him the 2nd time and checked to see if he completed with his commitments and when he told us that he hadnt we got on to him pretty hard. And he even said that he knows that is why his day was horrible in work because he chose not to go to church. But the next time we met with him and checked his commitments he completed them AND MORE. And he was so excited to tell us too. We called him on Saturday to see how he was doing for church the next day and he said there was no way he was going to work because he was so blessed during the week for doing his reading that he was not going to risk any more blessings. He asked us to come visit his friend. Which is Roldolfo. He told us that he is going to bring all of his friends to church. 
This is a fruit of the spirit. Wanting to share the gospel with others. 
There is so much more great things to say about them all but time has run out like always.....chauito!

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  1. When your mission president counsels you to "finish strong", you finish strongEST!!! The Holy Spirit certainly validates your efforts. Yea Hermana!