Monday, November 23, 2015

There will be lots of White on Saturday!

Cristhofer is doing awesome! He dropped his girlfriend that he had had for 4 years and coffee in the same night. He even gave her his coffee to as a goodbye gift. She was not helping him keep the commandments and he prayed about it, and gave her the boot. It was pretty dang dramatic though. I got a few nasty phone calls from her. But we just ended it inviting her to church.

He understands the Book of Mormon so well! It is insane. The first part of our lessons, he teaches us  what
he learned in the Book of Mormon and then the 2nd half we teach a new principle. He always tells us how we have to endure to the end. And he studies the missionary hand book! He is always checking on us to make sure we are keeping the rules. He wants to go on a mission. And he is always making Mormon jokes as he learns the church language. It sounds so easy, but it was a painful change for him. He says he can not deny it after all of the signs he has had that it is true. He says he does not want to end up like Laman and Lemuel.  He told us that the best thing we could have taught him was the influence of the spirit and who is his real foundation, Christ. That is what has really helped him to make it through his trials. Oh and on top of everything…..he quit his job. His boss was using some bad language and he said he was not going to put up with it. 

Sorry that is my slobby update for this
week. We traveled with a family to Chillan which is way far from our sector so there was kind of a time crunch.

Hermana Lance

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  1. "Finish Strong"! You are certainly piling up the miracles. I pray that you will always remember each one and the price each investigator paid for his/her new found testimony. Truly you are finding the Lord's children.