Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Meet Claudio

Claudio has a baptism date for the 7th of Nov. He is a pretty cool dude. He is 26 and we found him through his sister. We were on a bus going to this part in our sector way far a way. I started to talk to this girl next to me named Javiera. She wasn't too interested in anything about religion. So we just started talking about her studies in he university. I asked her if I could come over one day to help her understand this book she is reading in English. She said yes :) We set up a day to go see her but she wasn't there. We went again and this man opened the door....it was Claudio! He let us come in and we committed him to baptism. He loved it. He has never been baptized and he felt as though we was lacking something with his faith. He has always had such a strong faith but has never really known what to do with it. He is finishing his college degree and expressed that he needs something more, but he never knew what. We shared Helamen 5:12 because he is into architecture. He was so into it and explained the symbolism to us. 
He recently stopped drinking coffee and is progressing well. We would love to teach his sister too but she does not make the time to meet with us and is never there when she says she will be. But the baptism of her brother could definitely spark something in her. 
His favorite lesson has been the plan of salvation. We taught it with the temple and the role it plays. He kept asking and asking to just double check that these temples are found on earth and not in heaven. It seemed so heavenly for him like too good for this world. It was such joy for him to find out that Conce would soon be receiving a temple. 
As a missionary to have success you really just have to TALK TO EVERYONE. Talking to Javiera on the buss I could have easily passed up. Use the buss ride as a break from walking and saying hi to everyone. Maybe make a few calls to prepare for the next day. It makes me sad to think that he may have had to wait more to receive these blessings if  his sister and I never got to talking on the bus. 
Sad side note.....my camera got stolen.....
Just weeks before finishing the mission. I did however save some on a flash drive....all of them...not at all. But that is my reason for no pictures this week. 
But say a prayer. It will show up.

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  1. Too bad about your camera. You know how much Grandmothers and Mothers look forward to photos! Great bus story....sitting next to you was Javiera's blessing to her whole family. Someday she will realize that.