Friday, August 22, 2014


I do not know how it happened but it did. My time at the Missionary Training Center is over. I will be flying to Chile Monday evening. Feels super strange. I have been here at the CCM for 6 weeks that it feels like I am never leaving. It is sad to think I will be leaving my district. But it brings me strength to know I have new brothers who will be serving their Father in Heaven back in the states with me. And also super cool to have the majority of them fly to Chile with me! We are all making the best of our last week together! Trying not to get too sad until we have to. I love them and feel so blessed to be apart of their lives for even just 6 weeks. 

My District plays Volley Ball every day!


So I found out last week that my sister, Eden, who is serving in Tijuana, Mexico, was trained in Provo, Utah by my companions older sister. Super cool to think about. And super lucky considering all of the missionaries they have in Provo. My comp and I have supported each other so much over the last 6 weeks. We know that we were blessed as comps for a reason. 


My kind family sent me a box of goodies the other day! It was a ton of fun for the Elders and I. We had a smaller class than usual because half of our Elders are pros in Spanish already. So they attend the Latinos class in the evening while we stay and studied more Language in our classroom. The Elders had to pass a test where they observed two Latino teachers having a conversation and had to explain what was being said. Does not sound too hard. But I know some of our Elders were disappointed they did not get the chance to even "try to fail it" ha ha their words not mine. So we all shared some root-beer and chips and dip! We played a fun shoots and ladders game trying to learn Spanish Subjunctive. Subjunctive......way hard. There is not anything like it in the English language so it has been really difficult to grasp. I had to make a paper dice for the game and when it came down to the last roll my team needed the other team to roll a 4 so they would hit a slide and have to go back to one spot behind us.We tried to load the dice. We put more tape on the opposite side of the 4 so it would be heavy enough to fall the way we wanted. Wrong and funny, but harmless. Those of you who knew me when I was 3 and 4 years old, know this should not surprise you with my history in playing Candy Land. It did not work. Altogether we try our best to make learning Spanish, even subjunctive, fun and easy to retain. 


The misquotes here move in slow motion. It is the funniest thing. You can catch them so easily even by just pinching them like you would chop sticks. They never bite you but it is just so funny to see people grab them in the air and shake them and throw them on the table- o

r at least that is what Lino does every time we teach him.

With much love and prays,
Hermana Lance 


  1. That was the super fastest six weeks ever! And now you are off to the other side of the earth, the other half of the yearly seasons, and the real-life Spanish speaking Chileans. Life will be so fun and so challenging for you Hermanas. Funny story about the loaded dice and trying to cheat on missionaries. Trying to stop you from cheating on Candyland was a real losing battle, but you were so cute about it. You will always be my Princess Lollipop! Love you.

  2. Bon Voyage and good luck! Can't wait to hear about Chile and the people you meet there.