Monday, November 30, 2015

A Vision In White

This weekend was pretty awesome! We had a ton of baptisms on Saturday. The services was beautiful but something happened that no one expected but that we all should have expected. I do not know how we thought that we were not going to face any problems in the baptism, baptizing so many. 

We had the baptism font all filled almost up to the tip top perfect. We started with all of the talks, prayer, and songs and then when we went to do the baptisms - there was was all gone. No one understood. Everything was double checked too just so something like that wouldnt happen. But it did. 

The font usually takes up to 2 and a half hours to fill there we were with a bunch of people waiting to be baptized and their families waiting to see them be baptized......
You would never have guessed what we did next. We got a hold of a fire hose and blasted the font with water from the fire hose.......haha it was so stinkin funny. 

But instead of waiting 2 and a half hours more we only had to wait about 30 minutes.....everyone was pretty chill though. Our Mission Leader is awesome and was saying stuff like dont count the victory until they are in the water!!! It was a trial, but we should have known that Satan was going to throw something at us. 

It was pretty cool because Gerald the convert who was baptized just in October was a witness for the baptism :) 
I love Collao. We are going to be in a trio with another Gringa now. Her name is Hermana Godown. It will be my second trio but I am excited for more hands in Collao. It looks like we are going to be doing lots of divisions. Oh and there was another investigator in church with a baptism date. She has been coming to church for a good while and will be for sure getting baptized the 26th of Dec. 

It was a bit painful inviting people to be baptized this week for dates that I wont be there. Just kind of like a knot in the throat. But I am just as happy to leave a bunch a seeds for those who follow. The harvest is ready!

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  1. Fire hose...brilliant. Good thing you have connections, and not just connections there in Collao, but in Heaven as well. Glorious!