Friday, November 20, 2015

We had a BODA!!!!!!

(This post happened a week after the following post!!!!)

Mariela and Luis got married. They got married at 9:30am Thursday morning. We were invited and it was so great to be able to be there for them on this great day. They invited us all out to lunch afterwards where they invited all of their non member family members to their baptism on the 28th. I was so stinkin happy I can not even explain it. I woke up so excited and could not stop smiling for even a second. I had sweaty palms during the whole ceramony. They were so happy. Of course it was nothing compared to a temple sealing but they already know that that is where they will be this time next year. 
So that definitely wins the most exciting news for the week. I know I have always been a bit bummed for having all of my sectors being so stinkin close to one another and not seeing much of Chile. But it has been a huge blessings. I see at least one person from an old sector if not every day, every other day. And being the neighbor to Nonguen and living with the Sisters there. They are always bringing me goodies and cards from the members there to pass on to me.
I am not blind to the time I have left in the mission. I know it is ending quicker than I think and usually towards the end of the mission everyone starts to measure how well did they do....did they do enough....number wise....talent wise. But I have found that there is one question that really rises above the rest. 

How well did I love? Did I leave the world any better than it was before?
These are the questions I like to ponder. And I invite you all to ponder daily. They invite us and drive us to be better disciples of Christ. Something that will never have a time can not count down the days to the end of this glorious title.
Les quiero harto,
Hermana Lance

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  1. So thrilled to hear from you again after three weeks of you being on the dark side of the moon.
    You have become quite a wise philosopher, a tendency I did not know you possessed, and your insight is spot on. These principles which you have developed on your mission should be the standard for the rest of your mortal mission. Loving you Sweetheart.