Monday, December 7, 2015

Going back to my first streets

I got a phone call from President on Saturday. He informed me that he and his wife had been invited to go to a big fireside of return missionaries. Supposedly it was because they were all kind of lazy return missionaries and they were not completing their responsibilities they have as returned missionaries. President and his wife were invited to go speak and they wanted me to join them. He wanted me to share experiences of the success of the work I have seen from the help of the members. It was something more motivational than anything. But I did not know it was going to be in my first ward in Lirquen until they came and picked me up on Sunday. I got to spend my 2nd to last Sunday in Chile where I had my first. It was awesome!!! I always told them at times I wished I could have gone there to serve when I had more experience with Spanish to be able to really express my love for each one of them. It was a bit overwhelming to have them all remember my name and to hug them. It is a different hug when you hug someone you never thought you would hug again in this life time. And then as I was sitting up on the stand it was overwhelming to remember all of their lives....their hardships, moments when they cried, some were fatter others skinnier, others had become parents. But what I loved the most was being able to remind them of the heroes they were in their missions and really invited them to live worthy of this title. 
I also got to see a family I taught. But now they are all members. I remembered so clearly every lessons we had together when I saw them. The husband is who we taught. Of course I was not there for his baptism. It was much after actually but it was still a joy to see them both there in the church happy with their little baby. His wife was a less active. He broke down in tears when we shook hands. I had already sent them a card with my home email hoping to stay in contact and they thought I already was home. I do not know what I did to enjoy that surprise but the thanks is constantly being given in my prayers for it. 

But this fireside really got me thinking. 
The mission really lacks couple missionaries. Like REALLY lacks couple missionaries. They are a huge influence but they are very few. To be real, serving a couples mission should be treated just as mandatory as the others, that is,if the situation permits it. It is a goal of mine just as serving a full time personal mission was. Elders specifically have treated this goal with such care. Even to where they will not let anything get in their way of completing it. Nothing distracting, no excuses, living a life so when the time comes you are ready. The task never ends :) 

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