Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Endless Rain!

So you know that feeling you get when you get out of a wave pool after being in it for about 15 minutes and you keep feeling as if you were still in the wave pool.....that is the best way I can explain the rain here now. I most always have an umbrella in my right hand over my right shoulder and even when we enter houses I keep feeling as if my umbrella was resting over my right shoulder.
And my lovely water proof boots have taken there last walk here in Chile. I could not figure out why, in my water proof boots, I would get home with my feet completely soaked!! And that is because there was about 4 holes in them. Two were blocked by rocks but the other two were just wide open. It is also pretty funny because you can tell if you have a weird walk after walking in the same shoes for so long. By the looks of my boot heels I favor my right leg a ton. It has about half the size of the heal my other boot does. Anyway the president gives special permission to big feet gringas like me to go inside the mall to be able to find shoes that fit them well. And I am pretty sure I ended up buying one of the 3 pairs in the whole mall that had my shoe size. Just a girls 10 :)

So my comp got pretty sick this past week and we were stuck inside all afternoon and night one day. And I am pretty sure I called every number that there was in our books of records all the way back from year 2010. Old investigatores, less actives, and just street contacts. My comp slept for about 6 hours. So I put a cake in the oven for her, watched the episodes of The District and called probably half of Hualqui. So we have a great big list of visits we have to make this week.

We are doing our best to find. We are asking for reference from everyone even contacts in the streets. The Ward is helping a lot with our investigator Susana. Her husband is a member and her 12 year old daughter was baptized about 2 months ago. They are doing family home evenings with marriage couples to help them see and feel the blessings of having a marriage based and founded on the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Ward and missionaries are a great team here in Hualqui.

I get a lot of emails of people asking me if I just want to stay here forever and never leave now that I have been here for almost 11 months. And I am going to pull an "Eden" (my older sister) and explain my thoughts with 80 lyrics. Ha ha I hope you just laughed Eden. But anyway. You know that song that goes like....It's my life, it's now or never. I don't want to live forever. I just want to live while I'm alive. Yeah that's a pretty good summary. Being here has been nothing but a huge blessing but I know there is only so much more progress in store. But I can honestly say I enjoy every day to it's fullest. 

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  1. You certainly didn't waste your precious mission moments....calling and setting up appointments all afternoon while your comp was ill. You are a mission President's dream. AND, I hope your new shoes/boots will keep your hardworking feet warm and dry. You are The Best!