Monday, June 8, 2015

Maria y Jose

It is now the last week of training for Hermana Antileo and we have a great week ahead of us. I can not tell you how many times she accidentally calls me mom throughout the day. And I may have almost hit her the other day in the street. I had hiccups that would not go away. Usually I just hiccup once, a big one, and then it goes away but they would not quit. So she tried to scare them out of me. We were waiting for the bus to come and she screamed like those dumb blond girls alone in the forest type and I came so close to hitting her....I still had hiccups.

We had 3 investigatores in the church on Sunday with a baptism date. Dina, Maria, and Jose.
Maria and Jose are a married couple. We found them through one of our less actives that we teach. Her name is Elois. She lost her job and is very lonely with a bad situation in the home so we invite her to come out with us to visit others. Half of our appointments this day and fallen through and we had to come up with a few plan C's and D's. But Hermana Elois asked us if we could go visit her brother Jose.
When we got to the house it turns out we had been trying to get a hold of this couple for a long time now. Always passing by and trying to set up appointments that always fell through. So when we went with Hermana Eloisa we entered and got to know them real well. Maria goes to another church but only because that is what her parents did and they are both questioning God right now because last Monday Jose was mugged. He is a good man and doesn't carry any money with him on the street. His back is hurt pretty badly and needs a lot of time to recover. But they said they needed what they felt when we taught them about the Savior and committed to baptism on the 27th and going to church. So when we called them on Sunday to make sure we were still good for the church they said no. Maria said he was in a lot of pain. So that was that. But about 10 minutes before we were going to leave for church she called us and said that Jose wanted to go anyway. We called a member with a car and got a ride for them both. When we went to their house they had been waiting for us outside in the cold weather. When I asked Jose what changed his mind he said that when he felt the pain in the morning something still told him......WALK.
They were so excited to enter the church. They had the biggest smiles just entering the doors and then taking the sacrament double checking with me the whole time if they were doing okay. I would pass them a few thumbs up here and there :) They may of opposed a few callings that were announced but that is alright for now. 

Our latina companions trying to make Rice Krispys 

Our house visitor

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  1. I love the little oddities you always share, like hiccups, and sustaining in reverse, etc. you are doing a really, really wonderful thing and many lives will be enriched due to your friendship. Keep up the great work, Hermana.