Monday, June 15, 2015


So Hermana Antileo is headed out to the country and I will be training again. There are only two new Sister missionaries coming this transfer. One is from Brazil and the other from Utah. So you can take your guess on who will be my new companion. I am super excited. It is way different to get the phone call that you are going to train when you are just finishing the training and you find out right then and there who she will be. But now I get to wait for the surprise and find out tomorrow. It will be my birthday and it will be a ton of fun. The trainers always get to eat pizza from Papa Johns so that will be a great birthday treat in itself. I also got a WONDERFUL package from my family full of so many fun goodies and a lot of fruit roll ups. That was the funnest experience sharing them with the Latin girls in the house. Hermana Antileo ate the clear wrapper without noticing it wasnt part of the food and the tongue tats blew their minds. It was a good memory of elementary school box lunches.
 It looks like I will be spending my birthday with a cold. The funnest part about being sick in Chile is all the funny drinks that everyone makes you take when you walk in their house. For the most part they have to do with orange peals and lemon juice and some herbs. You just drink it.
And great news! Richard (a convert in Nonguen). Word is he is going strong. Never missing church and saying his prayers and reading the scriptures. :)
Jose and Maria are doing well. But we found out Jose has a drinking problem. BUT he has not drunk anything since last Wednesday!

Now we are in the time of the Soccer tournament in South America. We have permission to watch the games of Chile with an investigator or less active or convert and our ward got together and put the game on a big projector screen for everyone. Because if you are not watching the game you have to be in the house. It was loud and fun and CHILE WON! 2 - 0! 

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  1. I laughed so hard...your comp ate the plastic wrap!! I'm glad your folks sent you a birthday box full of crazy fun stuff. Just like a birthday should be. Have a wonderful day sweet Hermana.