Thursday, May 28, 2015


So as a little girl I have always been afraid of dogs and coming to Chile where there are about 6 nasty dogs on every street changed that really fast. But now it is back. My comp and I were stopped in the street looking for a house number when this huge dog ran right at my comp. She grabbed on to me so hard she could have pulled blood if I did not have like 3 coats on from here nails. But the dog did not stop at her but right behind us where there was a little doggy and they had this huge FIGHT FIGHT. They were not playing but picking each other up with there teeth and throwing them far and staining the street. I had no idea what to do being only a foot away. We got away from the mess and then found the owner of the big bully dog but it was super scary. sector Hualqui was actually a Country for one day. There is some crazy story but all I know is that it was a real country for just one day.
I feel like the people here are a little more stubborn. I have never really gotten my feelings hurt before from people not wanting to hear our message or are rude to us or don't give us the time of day but the people here are a little more rough and I have had to bite my tongue a few times. Actually I find it easier to be overly kind to someone that treats us meanly to help me not say how it really hurts. It bothers me more for Hna. Antileo. She tries so hard to contact people with so much hope and she makes me laugh so hard when the contact leaves and she says what she was really thinking.

But we have some great futuros this week. And we are working so hard with the members. We are gathering so many references and helping the members have contact with there reference before we meet them, joining us in the lessons and following up even when we are not there. We spent 2 hours last Sunday with a Hermano visiting the families he has been preparing. 

 Text message from a convert in Nonguen :(

A chilean lunch 

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  1. Well, now you have a great Missionary "dog story". You are ticking off all the boxes for a great sacrament talk. Glad you recognize Satan's efforts in all the negative events of your daily treks. You will overcome, especially because of your great sense of humor and your trust in the Savior. Great work Hermana!