Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Blessings of Technology!

It was a bit of a challenge to teach Maria and Jose about The Book of Mormon knowing that they would not be able to read it. But we still wanted them to have one because it is important. They had been looking at the pictures that are found inside of it and we had been working on a little gift for them. We put the audio of The Book of Mormon on the pin drive and gave them a little music speaker so that they would be able to listen to it instead. We gave them it Thursday night and they finished it on Saturday night. They said they loved it. When we were talking about how they felt and the things they learned they said that they had been praying before to know if it was true but now they are certain!
It has been amazing being able to serve them. The Ward has been a huge help! They go and read with Maria and Jose on the days we can not see them. And they have helped them step by step get over their nervousness about praying in public. And they always go and pick them up in their cars to bring them to activities or church. Maria has a bad foot. She was in a car accident and has iron from her shin down to her toes. So she walks with a limp and it really hurts her to walk for a long distance. This past Sunday familia Cartes was in charge of picking them up for church. It is pretty stink'en cold in the mornings now and their car didnt start up. But Maria and Jose still arrived at the church. Right on time too! She had to use Jose as a support but she said she was not going to let anything prevent her from being there and preparing for her baptism.
Maria will be baptized this weekend...without Jose. Who is still fighting his addiction of alcohol. She is a huge example for Jose and she is always keeping him in line.

There was a lovely house accident this past week. Hermana Heaton forgot about the difference between the american bathrooms and the ones here. And I may have forgotten to remind her how we cannot flush our toilet paper. So a very long story short.....our bathroom, living space, and kitchen got flooded with dirty toilet water....we had to use an afternoon to disinfect everything. Poor Hermana Heaton almost pulled half of her hair out for feeling so bad. It was pretty funny walking around the house in our rain boots but we got it all taken care of. It is funny because here there is a homemade solution for everything. The Latin girls were working on some soda, hot water mix to fix the problem and poor it all down the toilet but it just made for a smoky, hot chocolate looking toilet mix.....and now our house smells like bleach. 

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  1. Never a dull moment in the mission field. I salute your courageous Maria. We should all be like her. As for your apartment hygiene challenge.....nothing, NOTHING, can deter the Hermanas. Stay happy, stay focussed, stay positive, and especially always seek the Spirit. Love you!