Monday, June 22, 2015


So I learned a good lesson this past week. Coming to Hualqui was un poco mucho hard. There was some rules that were forgotten and some bad habits already there. It was very hard to be the new missionary and have to speak against the other opinions of missionaries and even members that were enjoying the way things had been going but that were not correct with how the time was being spent by the sisters. So being the new sister and not having the confidence that the other sisters had with the members I found myself in an awkward position often. But as we read in the white hand book we know that our loyalty is to the Lord first, president second, and THEN your companion. Long story short I received one of the best thank yous I have received when the night before Hermana Antileo left, she looked me in the eyes, with tears in hers and thanked me for teaching her how important the principle of obediencia is. 

This past week as well a Brother from our ward thanked me for the same thing. He was with us about 3 weeks ago to go visit a future investigator. We had called the investigator to make sure he was going to be there and to remind him that his wife needed to be there so that we could come in and teach him. But as we got there and entered his house we found his wife no where to be found. He had set up the table and prepared some juice and was already for the visit and when I explained again how we could not be there it really upset him. After he had set up so much and prepared and served the glasses he was so frustrated that we were not going to stay. Having a member looking at you like "maybe just once" was killer. I had no support in the choice that I knew was right. As we finally gave our thanks for the hundredth time we were able to leave. 
We went to visit this ward member this past week. And he thanked me for honoring my name tag. He said that he was ready to make the exception that one time because he once was a missionary too. And it is hard to find people that will let you in the doors and he said he would of justified the situation like that and was willing to do it even against the mission rules. But he told me to never loose that confidence in the principle of obediencia. 

Now I am walking the streets in Hualqui with Hermana Heaton. She is from el Sur in Utah and is 19. She always always says......Oh galllll. But she works so hard. She never gets down on herself only when we feels like she isnt helping me enough which is crazy because she has only had a week here. But she is so willing to learn. Her group of missionaries went through the MTC in Santiago so she knows an okay about of Chile Spanish. Better than most. We always talk in Spanish. Unless I am explaining what happened in a lesson or in a conversation that she did not understand. But it has been a lot of fun. Kind of a long week but we have just another busy one a head of us. 


  1. I am SO proud of you for sticking to the right. Obedience with exactness.

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  3. I had too many typos in that earlier comment. Hopefully the spell correct will be kinder this time. I loved this posting about obedience and your understanding of it. Here are two great scriptures for you. First, Abraham 3:25, and second, Abraham 3:20-21. Obedience is the First Law of Heaven. We have Agency so that we can strengthen our Faith through Obedience, Love you!