Tuesday, July 14, 2015


 I spent my 4th of July cheering for another country as they won La Cupa America. It was such a great game! I just think I may have left a hole in the ground from where I had been jumping up and down.

Maria did it!! She got baptized on Saturday and her spouse said he is basically just waiting for us to tell him his date and that he is never touching alcohol again. So far he has kept his word. He just has to keep doing so and hopefully this weekend he will be baptized. Maria was so stink'in happy. She was almost giggly. She wanted to share her testimony after she was baptized and it was so nice. She shared how even though the process was a hard one she has never been so thankful to make it there and the only thing she wanted was to stay strong and faithful in the choice she had just made.
Hualqui is doing  so great! We feel so very blessed we found another wonderful family. The same second that we sat down they said now tell me about your church....and Joseph Smith....and coffee...and so many more questions. They just wanted to learn so much. It was a great lesson because they already have a religious background. We cant see them till Thursday or so, but we feel so blessed to not only have a great group of investigators that are progressing but to always be finding as well.
OH AND I JUST REMEMBERED!!! Hermana Ponce, my companion from Nonguen, informed me that an investigatore that we found together is finally getting married so she can get baptized and is going to do it with her 8 year out daughter the 25th! Her name is Ileny.

Hermana Heaton is so great! Sometimes I feel like a walking dictionary in the street as I hear, "como se dice," cada rato. But it is all good. She kills me with laughter when she asks me how to say all of these English phrases that do not work in Spanish. But my favorite has to be when she asked me, "how do you say, you nailed it" and in the middle of a lesson with a convert to! I just said, "uhmmmm lo calvo???" And the best part is that the convert said that is is actually a phrase in Spanish.....se dice, dio el clavo.

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  1. Happy Fourth of July beautiful Hermana. You bring happiness and excitement wherever you go, rain or shine, day or night. Keep up the great work.