Monday, March 30, 2015

5 days front to cover

So we gave Richard a Book of Mormon this past Saturday and when we met with him on Wednesday he told us he had finished it. I had to ask him about 3 times before I believed him. He told us how glad he was that we gave him one and he now knows that it only testifies of Christ and confirms everything he knows about the Bible. He loves learning about all of the commandments we are teaching him to prepare him to be baptized on the 11th of April. And even if it was something new for him he is more then willing to start living that way now to be ready on the 11th and every day after. I can not remember if I told you all this but even before we taught him about the Word of Wisdom he told us he said "no" to his friends about beer because he needed to be ready for his baptism. 

This past Sunday at church the Bishop announced Richard and his baptism in front of everyone and Richard just stood right up without being asked and without fear. Afterwards the whole ward was rushing over to say hello. He has been participating in the classes and even bore his testimony in front of everyone :) that being at church that day confirmed even more that this church is the church of Christ and everything that he is doing every sacrifice and change is for the best decision of his life. I absolutely cried :) 

He is so easy to teach too because he does all of his assignments and so when we asked him what he learned before we start a lesson he teaches us perfectly about every principle. Please pray for Richard and the 11th of Abril. 

My trio is pretty fun. The other Gringa, Hna Shupe can recite every Disney Movie from start to finish. EVERY SINGLE WORD it is crazy and I do not know how she does it, but she gets us laughing with her character voices. Right now I am in the middle of the Lion King. We paused at the graveyard scene last night :) 

Chau Chau! 

My Trio!

Hermana Ponce, Hermana Shupe and Me

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  1. That's a power team if I ever saw one! Gorgeous, too. As for Señor Richard, he is truly "golden"! Very few missionaries have such a golden person to teach. On April 11th, the Heavens will open. Just wait and see.