Thursday, April 16, 2015

Happy Easter!

Easter here basically does not exist
. The picture we took was the only  Easter things we saw all week long from this lady selling things outside her house.

Being in a trio is the funnest thing in the streets and as far as contacting people in the street we cover so much more ground. 

It has been so great to have Hna. Ponce with me to update me on how Lirquen is doing. I do not know if you all remember a Franciso that I was teaching. He is a family member to Hermano Raul (the convert who passed away). HE IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS WEEKEND! It makes me so happy especially because he is family to dear Hermano Raul. 

Other than being super blessed to listen to General Conference and have specific questions about every kind of topic answered I am doing super good. With about 25 or so flee bits on my tummy we are doing just fine! 


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