Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Happy Marzo!

Everyone says this is our last month of being hot and blond here in Chile and that a wet wet winter is coming right after. The mornings and nights are already super cold. We have to walk all day long with a big coat stuffed in our backpack just for the last freezing hour that we have on our walk home. But I started off this month literally falling into a hole. Like really. There are these huge ditches on the sides of the streets for the rain to run through. A family was walking behind us and I walked backwards to the side without looking trying to start a conversation and totally ate it in the hole. I was on the ground and my companion was too just laughing, but we were both laughing :) So from my ankles to my knee I have some pretty sweet looking bruises and deep scratched up my legs. But to go along with that - I have two pretty funky looking spider bites on my arm. But please don´t worried, I am healthy and have seen our nurse.  Ibuprofen and lots of water works for everything :) 
But more importantly......HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!! I did not forget for one second! But I had no idea that March 8th is also the day of women. We got told, "feliz dia" all day long. But I hope my picture will do for this year :)
On Monday we went to Hauscar. It is this war boat from this big war between Chile and Peru. When Chile won they captured this boat. We went, all the girls in my Zone. It was pretty cool to hear about and see all the culture and even read some letters that women received when their husbands had died.  But what I really loved was the mountain of Sea Lions that were there too! They were ginormous. Always fighting and pushing each other off the dock and then throwing their head up in the air for the sun. It reminded me of always playing "King of the Raft" when I would go tubing with my family. Almost exactly alike...you guys are all Sea Lions :)
                                                                                                    As for the work....we are teaching more and we found Genaro. We are actually going back today to teach him. He is this giant old man who stays inside all day long. And when I say Giant imagine the biggest person you know and then imagine twice of that. He is hilarious. We did not mean to find him. We had planed to go see an Elizabeth in house 414 but turns out she had not lived there in years. He let us in and got us laughing in seconds. He saw us from the window. And usually when people see us from the window I get a bit nervous because we usually get just someone shaking their finger "no" but he was so excited to talk to us and get to know us. He shared a lot about his life and how his wife passed away and todo but there was a lot more that he wanted to share but just could not because he felt too much pain talking about it. We are going to do our best to help him come to church this Sunday.

Hermana Lance

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  1. The sea lions on the dock are TOTALLY Lancelets. The middle sea lion is named David! Hopefully when you fell into the street hole the people you were fellowshipping were kind enough to accept an appointment with you. All that blood and bruise has got to be good for something. Love the birthday photo. You are so beautiful.