Monday, March 30, 2015


We had 11 tiny earth quakes in one day this past week! But one was big -it was 6.3! Super weird, super super weird but pretty cool too at least for the missionaries I know it really scares the people here after the last huge one. 

But the follow up on Richard Nixon! He is doing so so SO well. He works from sunrise till 6 and from 7 till 11 he has school in the university. So we thought it would be super hard to get a hold of him. But when we called him and asked if we could have just 15 minutes instead of waiting till the weekend he right away asked his boss for time off to meet with us and he got it. He accepted a baptism date! He is one of the most prepared persons I have taught. He loves to just talk and talk about English and all the cool things he has made with just his hands and wood but when we teach, he really listens and when we ask questions he answers and then even testifies how he knew there had to be truths like this. He connects everything to his prior knowledge and takes notes when we teach him. It is awesome! He can feel how true the gospel is and almost gets annoyed when we invite him to pray about everything we share. He always answers with an obvious tone that of course he is going to do it. And then he includes under his breath....I already know it is true. Oh and super cool I almost forgot. When we went to meet up with him at his work for the first lesson a co worker asked if he could sit in the next time because he liked ease dropping but would like a chair por lo menos! But Richard is THE BEST when we taught him about The Book of Mormon and when we parted he sat down next to two strangers in the park and started sharing the book with the them! 

But update on Genaro......bueno, when we called to confirm our appointment he told us not to waste anymore time with him and to never pass by again. That is hard but we are just going to be able to focus even more on those that the Lord is focusing on and preparing right now. 

Other news- I have not just 1 new companion but 2! Hermana Shupe from the States and Hermana Ponce from Mexico. We lived together in Lirquen for 6 weeks Hermana Ponce and I. Other than finding  one m

ore bed for the house we are good to go.

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  1. Don't tell Richard Nixon to pray to "know it is true". Tell him to pray to give the Holy Ghost an opportunity to strengthen what he already knows. The Holy Ghost likes to be invited to the party, too! As far as earthquakes go...que horrible! Just stay away from those huge chasms when they open up....j/k😜