Monday, March 30, 2015

Richard Nixon Came To Church

WE HAD AN INVESTIGATOR COME TO CHURCH THIS SUNDAY!!!! So his name isn´t really Richard Nixon but it really is Richard and he likes calling himself Richard Nixon because he loves languages. He knows about 8 but struggles with English a lot. He was riding on his bike this past Saturday and we were running late to our plan because we had stopped to help this older lady fix her gate. So we barely crossed paths when we stopped to talk with him. He wanted us to come over right then and there but we did not have a member to join us to be able to enter his house alone and we had to get going to another appointment. So we told him that the soonest he could see us would be Sunday at 10 in the morning at church. We took down his number and I looked at Hermana Razeira and promised her that he was coming to church on Sunday. So we waited and waited for Richard but we finally had to head on in for the meeting. And right when I was giving a talk guess who walked in???? RICHARD NIXON! I had to avoid looking at him just to keep my smile down. He stayed for all of church and we have an appointment for him this week. He isn't free until the weekends but he is more then willing to see us all weekend long if he can.
Also! Our English classes are super successful. We had people that we contacted in our sector but live about 40 minutes to an hour away come to our class this past Saturday morning. Marico asked to hear the lessons in English if he can get to that point. We are sending the Elders to his place this next week to get started on that. But we will get to hear all about his progress because he wants to continue in our classes.

Not only that but we had a lot of part member families come to church this Sunday. Which we made a list of to visit and teach this week. It is the last week in the mission for my comp and so she will be brought home dead every night :) In the pictures are her sea side barriol with another Hermana.
So we are starting freesh with a lot of new investigatores but also having to cut the strings on our old ones. Pero asi es la mission.

There are two hermanas in our group who are heading home next Monday and wanted a proper sea burial

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  1. That beach is nothing like your Huron beaches....sea lions, et al. So fun. And congratulations on saving Richard Nixon. That sounds like a great title for your Missionary journal, a future best seller for sure.