Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hermano Raul

For those of you who remember back in September we got to see Hermano Raul get baptized. Recently I found out that Raul passed away Friday the 13th in February. My old companion Hermana Garces gave me the news and shared with me about the service they held for him. She did not even have to tell me what happened. Just say she had news and I knew it was about Hermano Raul. She told me it was closed casket and that there was a photo of him out for everyone to see. I cut her off and said he had his blue hat on didn't he? And she told me yes. 

I came to know him so very well. He was very sick and couldn't do very much on his own when I was still in Lirquen. I remember always sitting right by him for lunch helping him cut his food and serving him and walking back and forth with him as support from one room to another. I remember how sad he was  the day he was not able to leave the house anymore and therefore not be able to go to church. He wanted nothing more then to be in church with his family. And I will always remember his happy tears as we would sing to him song after song after song, until he had heard all of his favorites. We made him a giant card one day and gave it to his son in law in church to read to him. Hermano Raul had everyone read him that card who walked in the door for the next full week. I am so thankful to know that he is resting and happy. He is my dear friend.


  1. You and your companion must have been one of the great highlights in his weeks. Bless you for your loving ways. Bro. Raul is probably telling everyone in the Spirit World about the lovely Hermanas who helped him all the time. Love you Sweet Hermana. Keep smiling. This photo is celestial now.