Monday, November 3, 2014

The Prima Vera?

This past week was HOT super hot for just the spring at least. We are doing pretty well with finding great investigators who are gaining testimonies, reading the scriptures, and praying. But we are having a hard time getting them up in the mornings for church. Even though we are calling them at 9 am to give them time to get reading and knocking at their door at 9:40 to walk to church together with them. Our 5 phone calls with several doorbells and plenty of pounds on their doors are not doing anything to get them up for 10 o clock church. So that is a big goal this week. To help them see and feel the importance of church attendance and the sacrament. One thing that was hard for me to get use to was how even though someone says the activity starts at 8 or so people do not start to show up till 8:30 and those are the people who are in-charge of it all and are setting things up. So a 10 o clock church service on point is a big early change for most people.
Oh and I have not said how people say my name here. The members really want to say it with the correct accent.  But every time they try it sounds like "Hermana Lynn". They just stop after the N. So I have actually been Hermana Lynn for these past months. But I am super use to it now and love the effort. Because they really do believe they are saying it correctly. Even when they ask how I say it and I say Lance they repeat Lynn and say, "like that" :)
Our convert Daniel!! He always gives me something fun to talk about. He knows our town super super well. So whenever we are in the middle of a contact with other people and he sees us he comes to join the talk and asks them when they are going to come to church with us. And even sometimes when he does not know who they are. He is always looking out for us and is loving giving us references to all his friends he wants us to visit. He is a huge testimony of how developing a greater understanding of the atonement increases your desire to share the Gospel of Christ.
Happy Halloween! I hope it is not too cold for you all, I will be sweating in the hills with sweat marks from my shoulder bag on my back. YAY CHILE!

Love always,
Hermana Lance 



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  1. Daniel sounds like he will be a future missionary/Bishop. Just one person brings in hundreds, or even thousands. Keep up the good work Hermana. Oh, and great chicken fight. bet the dust flew.