Wednesday, November 12, 2014


This past week are investigators are working hard. They are keeping their compromisos and are always smiling when we come to visit. But it is a lot that we are teaching them and for some a lot of changes are being made in their lives. So as for right now we are moving forward very slowly, but still moving forward. Hopefully we will see some baptism dates very soon. 

But reactivation is where this week was at. We have been working with a bunch of less active church members. They are doing great and there has been a huge increase of members at church these past few weeks. But not only the church....but the temple. This past week we were able to see so many of our newly active families go to the temple! The temple is 6ish hours away and a huge sacrifice for the members but the excitement this week from all of them was so amazing to see! 
One family especially has stolen my heart. They have 2 little 7 year old boys. Our last lesson with them was to teach them how to pray. They never had said a pray before and so we broke it down super simple and got them to promise to say a prayer. A few days past and they saw us at a park. They ran over with their hands up and said they have been saying their prayers. They were so excited to tell us and we did our handshake we made. The joy of reactivation is different then baptismal but it is still so sweet. 

These Chileans: So super funny that I have not said yet. Yogurt is in a bag. You buy liters of yogurt in bags and it is the same for Mayo or ketchup or anything along the lines of those. Kinda a pain to store in the fridge once it is opened but just something that is super funny that I do not even think twice about anymore. 

I hope everyone is loving the Holidays! 

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  1. Reactivation is just as important and maybe even more so because these less actives have already made covenants which they should NEVER break. So you are literally saving their lives. Perfect! How touching the story of the prayers which we appreciate as an everyday privilege but for others is a strange and intimidating thought. You are doing great things