Monday, November 24, 2014

Done Training!

I have completed 12 weeks of training here in Chile and am no longer in training! The only difference now is I have an hour less of study time for the language and adjusting to mission life. This also means that my comp Hermana Lino is leaving and headed to a different sector. She is going to be companions with my comp from the Training Center in the Mexico! Way cool!
We got cut time this week to write so just two quick things!
I ate lasagna the size bigger than my head! DE VERDAD! And that was only one 1 fourth of the meal!

Never try to explain the phrase "so and so" to a Latino because it will never work. I also made the mistake trying to say to my comp that a man was using broken English, romper it does not work. The correct phrase is actually Trazan Ingles. Pretty funny!

Chau!! I love you all! 

Las Hermanas

Goodbye Hermana Lino

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  1. You ate a serving of lasagna larger than your head?!! You crack me up! Congratulations on moving into full time missionary work. Next step, being a trainer. Hugs!