Saturday, October 25, 2014

Another Summer!

Summer is finally hitting us! I caught just the very end of the the winter for Chile thankfully and get to almost have 2 summers in a row. For our prep day we got to go to the next Zone over and enjoy the beauty of TOME! Unlike our area in Penco the beach has more of a sight. Penco is more industrious but still beautiful. We found so many pine cones. So I made a stack of all of them and got a hitting line up going for some fun baseball with a tree branch nearby. And of course our Elder{s found a way to have another BBQ! It was way way good even though we may have forgotten the forks. But we finished with a little hike up to a great view of Chile :) 

The Work:
We had a pretty slow and rough week. Every once in a while we run into people who are not super happy to talk with us about really anything. They see the badge and do not even want to answer the question of, "Como esta". So yeah, a lot of slammed doors with weak and unkind things said. My comp from time to time will get a little flustered with how others treat us. And it does not help that I just laugh about it. But really I can not help it!! Okay, so I have 2 months in Chile now. And I still am about a step behind translating what people say to us. And because of this, by the time I understand what was said/yelled at us it is so stink-in hilarious. Of course I let the people pass before I laugh about it but really it is so hilarious and does not bum us out as much as you would think. My companion, Lino, is starting to get a kick out of it too now.  She watches my face try to restrain a smile while talking to another who is not the bit happy we stopped them to chat.
But! No worries! We run into people all the time who just love what we are doing in their country . They also love asking for a picture of us or to say something in English to them. 

But my point! After a week of being given fake phone numbers and addresses we had a wonderful Sunday!! We went to visit a house in Vipla. We were hoping to find a man who had listened to the missionaries a long time ago. He was not home but his daughter was! She is 18 and literally the kindest, cutest girl in the world with beautiful long curls. She was so receptive. We taught her how to pray and her first pray was so pure. She thanked God for sending Hermana Lino and Lance and thanked Him for all the beautiful things she learned in the lesson. And with almost a laugh of joy she thanked Him that we told her we were going to come back again. She accepted a baptism date and we are more than excited to meet with her whole family on the next visit!!! Ah,so little time to tell you about how incredible she is!

Pablo will have to wait for another week. He has been out of town with a sick family member but we have plans to meet TONIGHT! 


H. Lance 

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  1. Sweet Hermana, your great sense of humor will save you from a lot of frustration and heartache. Just keep on smiling your wonderful sunny smile and the golden ones will respond. Looks like you had a great P-day. Love you!