Friday, November 7, 2014


Halloween in Chile?? 

Mas o menos. It is a super casual holiday. There is a lot of superstition about it that leads a lot of people to not celebrate it because of the appearance of worshiping or praising evil things. Our Ward had an activity which was so very much fun. We played lots of little games such as fruit basket. And some mixture of balloon basketball/keep up volleyball. There was 1 hula hoop hanging at each end of room. We had to get the balloon in it without it hitting the ground in the progress with 2 teams. I got boo´d a lot for being able to jump above everyone's heads and pass by to score. But at the same time there was a "Gringa" chant from my team. Nothing like breaking a sweat in a sweater and skirt. The members had no mercy with the Hermanas. 

Did we dress up? Sorta, I was Hermana Lino for the night with her clothes and nametag. And she was Hermana Lance with just my nametag. We struggled to find any of my clothes that would not drag on her.

1 de Noviembre -- 'The Day of The Dead'

No one was in their house on the first of November. The day of the dead is the day where everyone goes to cemeteries with flowers and such. It is kinda bigger than Halloween itself. So we had a huge service project with our stake and 2 zones of missionaries. The Elders went to clean out this nasty swamp while the Hermanas and other ward members went to paint over all the graffiti that is on the boardwalk next to the beach and clean up a bunch of trash from the beach. Sounds about right with how the work is always divided between the Elders and Hermanas. They take good care of us :). It was about a good 4 hours and the board walk looked so good afterwards and the Elders smelled ripe! 

Lirquen is so great! I know that I get to stay here for at least another "cambio" (6 weeks).  After that, maybe more, maybe not. But there is nothing more constant than change. Some that is welcomed and other that is not. Some change is subtle while others is unexpected. Either way don´t think about tomorrow just yet because you do not want another empty yesterday. 

Con mucho amor siempre,
H. Lance 

The dog that always finds me on P-day at the beach. 3 P-days in a row now. Se llama Frank.


  1. It seems so strange to see you in bare arms, working on the beach while I am all cozied up sitting on the couch trying to keep warm. Upside down seasons are strange. Love your smile. I really like your closing comment about empty yesterday's. Very intuitive.

  2. I just love this girl. You just radiate joy, Mckenzie.