Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cambio de Emergencia

I am going to Colloa Tuesday! I am leaving Hualqui in the middle of the transfer to go be a Sister Leader back in the same stake I was in when I was serving in Nonguen. I will be able to go to mini transfers there with the sisters so that will be cool. It is also the same house that I was in....the sister dream house. 

It was very hard to hear the news just because we were going to finish the transfer with 4 baptisms. SPEAKING OF WHICH DINA GOT BAPTIZED!!!! She was so so sick the day of her baptism and it was POURING RAIN. Probably the worst rain storm we have had all winter, but came anyway.  She said it wasn't going to do her any bad and if anything, she would come out all healed up. 
So it is hard to leave so much great work here. But there is something very true that happens on the mission. And that is that some missionaries reap more than they sow and some sow more than they reap. . Some are the planters...the seed starters and they do not always get to see the fruits of their efforts and others tend to enjoy that end results more than others. But I can happily say that I feel as though I have had my fair share of them both. That I have been able to come into sectors un poco bajito and start planting! And I have even been able to see tons of the fruits come from all of it and now I get to leave some behind for others. I actually was starting to think it was getting too good in Hualqui being able to make it to the end with all the investigatores. President had told me on Thursday and I could not tell anyone till Sunday and it was so very hard acting like nothing was going to happen while teaching. 
Poor Hermana Heaton though. She will not be in a trio with the other hermanas she has to find a member to leave with her every day and keep our part of the sector progressing. She is nervous but I trust her and I know she is ready for this. I am excited for her to see how much she really knows. 

Jose: The husband of the convert Maria...he finally stopped drinking after we stopped visiting him for a while. He then realized what he was missing. He is addiction free; it has been almost 2 months now!!! He looks different like there is a physical change in him and it rocks! He picks up the lessons faster and because they can not read they have been listening to the hymns like non stop to learn them. 

Richard (49 years old): He is preparing for his baptism. He had been smoking since he was 12 years old and then we had him bring out everything he had against the word of wisdom and put it on the table and his sister (member) took it to her boss to have. He wanted his last 2 smokes but we told him no. He had been smoking 10 every day. He stopped smoking one day from the next for a whole week.....but he smoked on Sunday after he found out I was leaving.......but no worries we made a plan for the next time he gets down an activity to do instead. 


  1. Mckenzie, you are growing so much! I love reading your letters. AND YAY for spotting Hermana Prettyman!

  2. Mckenzie, you are growing so much! I love reading your letters. AND YAY for spotting Hermana Prettyman!