Thursday, August 13, 2015

Elder Moura says hi to the gringa life first off. 

I had a request from a lovely sister to spicy up my blog post a little bit so I will do my best :) 

Tiny Pray Mirical:
One day as we were opening a lesson with an older lady their neighbors started to blast their music and hardly a thing was being heard between us. Talking/screaming very loudly was the only way to be heard. The spirit was not their and it was kinda a live or die lesson with our investigatore we were either going to keep visiting them our stop after that lesson of checking their intentions and desires. She said she had asked them to stop before but they do not do anything. So I asked her if I could say the pray to start. In the pray we prayed very specifically so that the music would stop completely to be able to let the spirit guide the lesson and teach us of the the end of the pray the music had stopped. 

Dina Update:
She is coming back Tuesday night and we will see her Wednesday in the morning! 

Richard: active as ever! Does not miss a Sunday or reading his scriptures
Carlos: He is a home teacher now and had been to the temple, gave a talk in sacrament, and last Sunday was given a calling as a ward mission leader. 

Me and my two hijitas in the rain. 

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  1. Wonderful account of a "tiny prayer miracle". There is never anything too small and insignificant for the Lord to take care. And, by the same token, there is never anything too hard for the Lord. Your mission/investigators is the highest priority for you and for your Savior. Side note: I think your blog is perfect just the way it is. I look forward to reading your postings every week and you never disappoint. Love you!!!