Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Bad News or Good News First?

Bueno....that baptism we were going to have on Saturday got canceled one day before. Dina has been taking care of this 90 year old man for over 20 years. They are like family. He got very sick on Friday ONE DAY BEFORE HER BAPTISM and she had to leave town to go get special care for me. It was heart breaking and especially for the Ward. And she will not be back for 10 more days. So will be maintaining contact by phone with her but it will be hard. She feels horrible for not keeping her commitment but we are not going to give up on her. It is so very frustrating though.
I am not going to say that being a missionary was getting easy but maybe I was a bit too comfortable and then we got something crazy thrown at us. I think I get the most frustrated when it is out of my control. Of course one always trys to think and analyze what did I do wrong; did we miss something. It only makes me crazy nervous to have such a big break of 10 days without seeing her and just phone calls. The Ward will be in contact with her as well for support.
It was a bit frustrating because it was the first time in over 3 months that we did not have someone in church with a baptism date. But we have 6 more days to change that :)
It is so interesting because the week before someone gets baptized WITHOUT fail there is a big trial for them. I guess I should not be too surprised anymore but it only goes to show that they are doing the right thing. That someone is working extra hard on them so that they do not achieve what they need to do and more importantly what God wants them to do.

BUT there is good news! In the pictures this week there is a sweet older lady. She is a less active with depression and the winter months really bring her down. We made a chain of blessings with her and we left her with papers to keep adding on when we are not there. She also taught us how to make pan (bread). I may have dropped a few by juggling but just like my dad always says there is more fiber that way. Anyway...she is doing very well. One of the very first to get to church now :) 

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  1. Your dad is the smartest man I know....Seriously! That's one reason you are so sane, so practical, and so faithful. The other reason is your sweet mom whom you are so much like. Just keep being a happy, compassionate missionary and the Holy Ghost will ratify and strengthen all your efforts. You radiate joy. Love you!šŸ’–