Wednesday, September 2, 2015

First week in Collao

First of all we have to go back to Hualqui! On Saturday Scarleth got baptized!!! She is 15 and her whole family are members but her mom is a less active and her dad does not live with her. But her younger brother is active and her neighbors are her aunts and uncles all super active. Her mom had a big car accident and is not that same and does not have the role as her mom as her aunt does. But she got baptized! I heard it was beautiful and I will have to write her to see how she is doing.
Also, Hermana Heaton has another for sure baptism this Saturday and a maybe as well. I am so proud of her to be able to tie up the loose ends there.
But I have to change gears and be in Collao now. It is literally around the corner of Nonguen and I even see nonguen every day and Friday we actually had a mini transfer with the Hermanas from Nonguen and since I had only had days in Collao I went to Nonguen!!!!! It was the coolest slash weirdest thing. Weird because I had never thought I would return and another to be able to see so a part of where my heart lies. It was also cool to run into people I had taught and see that they were doing well, even better than I thought. Sometimes as a missionary you never really know how you touch the lifes of others, or if they will even remember you. But it was a pure joy being able to see others and see their surprised joy with seeing me once again there with them. Some of them progressed and others no. But to know they felt something to see me again. That somehow after all the hard days there something we had done...said....or showed made a positive impact on them. It sounds kinda like a little taste of heaven when we will find ourselves with others that have meant so much to us and finally let them know of all the good they did for us.
But I really do love Collao! Even though it kinda hurt a lot to leave Hualqui and feel so needed here and already apart of it all. We found a ton this week and brought 3 invetigatores to the church with a baptism date! They rock! And they are normal. If you were or are a missionary you will understand that comment. But I love being with Hermana Parkin. I feel like we teach in so much unity and we are on the same page all the time. There could be comments or ideas or a topic I want to touch on in the lesson and she goes right into the point or topic without any heads up. She also is crazy healthy and loves to run. So I think we are actually going to be getting up a tad early to get a good run in.....trying to take advantage of it all whille I am still with someone who is into that stuff.
So there is a fun picture with Scarleth that I included and some cool wall paint that you will only get if you are familar with Chile slang.
I love you all so much and love every day. Even the long ones. I feel like a go to bed so dang exhausted every night and find a way to wake up with so much energy and excitement the next morning. I pray for you all and invite you to take advantage of all the blessings that are coming your way. Do everything in your reach to be able to recieve all that the Lord has instore for you.
Con Harto Amor,

Hermana Lancita

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