Tuesday, August 25, 2015


This past week has been wonderful. I will start where we finished.....Sunday. There were 6 investigators in the church with a baptism date :) The ages range from 11-70. A group of people we found from just about ever finding way. Old investigators, part member inactive families, street contacts, member references; It has be wonderful seeing all of the results of the word after 4 months here in Hualqui. 

The mission has a great program that helps us get the ward motivated with the work. We are required to have at least one lesson with a less active or recent convert with a member every day and one lesson with an investigator and member activo every day and then a lesson with an active family every day to be able to get a point for the day. It is called a vision point! There are some missionaries who are good at points and others who understand the purpose of the vision, can earn points but at the same time find and bring people to church. The temptation with this system is that at times if your plans fall through there is always the opportunity to get the vision by bringing the member to a house of a less active or investigator that never ever progress but that always receive you. 
But we have seen in Hualqui how very blessed we have been for having CHOOSEN members leave with us for specific people and see and feel how they can help them make commitments.

Hermana Heaton only has 3 weeks left of her training and it shows. She was a bit frustrated the other day with feeling like she talks sometimes in lessons just to talk and she wants to be more productive. So we talked about why we teach people certain things in the first place...to be baptized....and how do they get to their baptism....by repenting through the commitments we leave them with. So we teach with the end goal of them accepting the compromiso. 
So I made this game. She had to draw from 3 piles a piece of paper. One group had the type of person she was teaching, investigator, less active, active family or convert. The second group had a theme or lesson she was going to be teaching. And the last group had the compromiso she was going to extend. Then with those 3 pieces of information she had to present the lesson and commitment, or teach a part of the lesson and I had to guess what was the commitment she was going to take to me. We had to adjust it a lot as we went but it was fun. 

I love teaching so very much. And planing for specific people! Having Hermana Heaton is great. We get along so well and she is very obedient. And not having to deal with problems of unity or obediencia we have been able to focus so much on the work and see so much success. Now we just have a responsibility to guide them all to their baptism. 

As for the pictures this week. As missionaries we have to talk to everyone. So you may as well include the man selling cotton candy :)

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