Wednesday, July 29, 2015

6 More Weeks In Hualqui!

I will be finishing the training of Hermana Heaton. She was pretty nervous that I was going to leave and I was pretty certain I was going to leave too. But to be honest I am pretty sure it was just because I wanted to see a little more of Chile. I thought that if I got changed I could see two more sectors of Chile but now I am pretty certain there will be just one more. But we are happy to be staying together. Especailly because we have a baptism Saturday.We also have a matramonio with a baptism date too!

Our ward will be all Gringa Sister Missionaries now. 

So you guys need to meet Pedro. He is the man in the tiny store. We found him about 2 months ago. We thought he was our investigatore for a while but turns out he was a member. Happens more than you would think. But he is doing so well. Whenever it is raining he will wave us in his store and tell us some odd joke and send us off with something sweet to eat. He dominates the Sunday School classes and just wants to answer everything. Even if it is completely wrong. 

Hermana Heaton is a great missionary. Nothing gets her down. Even when she interprets everything completely wrong. We were talking with a family the other night and they were telling us how their dog had gotten into the house and eaten their pet turtle. Hermana Heaton said, "Que Bakan" meaning how cool! The poor little boy almost started to cry. Ha Ha :) But I love being able to finish her training. 

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  1. I know how Sis. Heaton feels. It is always frustrating to hear people say, "You're not saying what you think you're saying." She is fortunate to have you by her side. Funny story about Pedro and his Sunday School answers.