Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bueno! Carlitos got baptized!!

It was a beautiful service and the majority of the people that came thought he had been a member for awhile. He also chose not to take the job that was going to pay him double but make him work on Sunday. He is 25 and knows so much about the gospel. He has seen almost every Mormon Message video and almost is taking the words out of our mouth before we teach him. He has prepared a reference for us too. He wants us to go visit a few of his friends with him to teach them.

Training Hna. Antileo is a ton of fun. I have learned how to shoot off 3 tongue twisters in Spanish and she is really quick with the English Wood-Chuck one. She wants to learn English so much and we have even done a few planning sessions in English and one session of her training in English.
We did not have investigatores in the church this past Sunday. But we got the assistance up to 178. Last week we only had 140 or so.

My mind is kinda blank right now. I think I am just a little tired. Our Zone and another Zone got together to go to the beach and hike, play volleyball, and ultimate Frisbee. It was a pretty stinky bus full of Elders and just 4 Hermanas on the way home. But our Frisbee team won :) Have you ever played ultimate Frisbee with Latinos......that is an experience. They can kick our Gringo bums when it comes to soccer but any other sport is just the funnest thing to watch happen. 

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  1. Congratulations to Carlitos. He sounds amazing. He would be a wonderful full time missionary. And your P-days sound exhausting...heavy duty sports and equally heavy duty Alpha male missionaries competing. Your should show them your athletic skills!