Thursday, May 14, 2015


I hope all the mom´s had a wonderful day especially all the women who have influenced my life in such a positive way. I got a mother´s day card too. Considering that I am finishing the training of Hermana Antileo....she calls me mama. 

She is amazing!! In our ward there are 4 sister missionaries and we all live in the same house. They are all Latinas and I know my dad would be happy to hear that to know that I will be speaking nothing but Spanish for the next 6 weeks at least comp speaks basically fluent English. On our first day together she said "English Time" all of a sudden and started speaking fluent English I about died from shock. She has a British accent when she speaks English but she is teaching me the funnest words from Chile like yeta and jote and jotiar. Good luck finding those words in a Spanish dictionary. 

But more, Hermana Antileo had been freezing every night. She would heat up water and put it in a water container that is used to put on an injury and sleep with that in her bed. Now that she sleeps with my electric blanket she wakes up sweating. I love being her companion and helping her be comfortable here and learn about the missionary life...I really just like teaching :) She said she had learned more in our one week of being together than in her first 6 weeks. It is such a blessing to be working with someone with desires to grow. 

We are teaching a lot of part member families. One sweet lady is studying English and wanted me to help her with her assignments but she was afraid I had forgotten English. I told her if you asked me to spell in English it would look like it. 

But the most exciting news is Carlos. Even though I will be missing a few baptisms in Nonguen Carlos should be getting baptized this weekend! He is from Santiago and moved here in Augusto. He had moved to get away from the bad influence of friends that he had and to change his life. But he had been listening to the missionaries since he got here and just a week ago he accepted a baptism date! For the 16th of Mayo. He has a few hard choices to make still though. The whole time he has been here he has not been able to find work and just a week or so ago he finally got offered a job and just recently he got offered another.....for double pay....but working every Sunday. His mom just stopped working and he feels a huge responsibility to take the job. But we know that is how Satan works. Presenting us with opportunities that seem to bless us more if we sacrifice our standards when we know that if we ALWAYS put God in the first prioridad we will never falt anything. Keep him in your prayers. 

I loved being able to Skype my family. This time I could say bye without crying....until I closed the computer at least. I am so grateful for my family and for the happiness that comes to the families that live this simple but true gospel of Jesus Christ together. 

A mix between a dog and a bear and lino and something else weird looking. 

Saying goodbye and hello.

My New Companion - Hermana Antileo.

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  1. Your companion sounds so delightful. I can relate to her Chile-ness...get it?! Anyway, that "beast" is a pure bred Afghan Hound. Very expensive, and big! Good luck with Carlos. He's worth all your sweet efforts. Just don't give up.