Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Fall in Chile

It is so beautiful here in Chile in the Fall. Bueno, other than being freezing in the morning and night it is great. We just had transfers and my comp Hermana Ponce is going to train a new missionary and I am going to Hualqui! It is still close to the city but it is like the country of the city. I am going to finish the training of Hermana Altelio! She just has 6 weeks as a missionary but her whole life is in Chile. She is from Santiago. 

It totally stinks having to say goodbye to Nonguen. It is definitely not the same Ward that was here when I got here but the changes have been positive and I just pray they all stay.

Luis Munoz calls us a TON!! He has like 60 something years of age but he has not had anything to drink since Thursday!!!!! Super super bien for him! Hermana Ponce and I put a few goals on ourselves to help us try and support him in his process to stop doing something that he has enjoyed so much. They may sound funny but they are just bad habits we like but want to change. She wants to stop picking at her nails and I said I would stop eating in the nights when we get home. We have been studying this book of helping people conquistar addictions and that is what it suggest. To not do it for one day then one week then one month. The first night after planning Hermana Ponce went to shower and my weak stomach made its way to the kitchen. But we both confessed that we did not complete it. I will be changing my goal to something I will actually cumplir :) But as you can see from the pictures. We have a lot of completos in the house. 

I love you all so much and CAN NOT WAIT to see my great family next Sunday :) via Skype.


  1. I love it! You two are special. Hope you break your minor habits and gain the confidence of added personal strength. Like you said, habits are an annoyance at times.

  2. Lucky new area. Yikes that is a lot of snacks. LOVE.