Tuesday, September 30, 2014


Okay before I get to our incredible baptism. I broke our light bulb. Yeah the one on our ceiling. I just raised my hand slightly above my head to take of a sweatshirt and bash! No more luz. Makes me wonder how many bulbs the Elders are breaking in these tiny houses. 

Okay, DANIEL GOT BAPTIZED!!! Por Fin!!! Daniel was my very first lesson in Chile. So we have been teaching him for a good while and every time we would give him a baptism date he would only accept the baptism and never want the date. He said he needed to learn how to swim first. Which does not make too much since considering his occupation is a scuba diver. But he loved learning!
Daniel's Baptism

We would call him during the days to see how he was doing. If we could see his house we would always spot him with his head out the window looking for us and trying to wave us down to come and visit more. So what was the difference for Daniel and accepting a date...The Book of Mormon. He would read his assignments from day to day but only what he had to. Only a week before his baptism he started from the beginning. He read 20 pages the first day then 30 the next and had over 170 in less than a week.

I will always remember the day he asked for a baptism date during a lesson. I just threw my hands up (checking for light-bulbs first) and gave him the biggest double high five with glossy eyes. He just laughed and said it is always so obvious when I understand and do not because of my reactions. But I did not care one bit I was so proud of him and was so thankful for his open heart to change and give all the effort he needed to receive his own answer of the truthfulness the Book of Mormon has. He loves to read it. When we read in lessons he always reads over my turn a loud because I am too slow for him :) 

More Chile Words: Wawa.....guess the meaning. Okay you were probably way wrong. It means baby. Not bebe, wawa. 

Have a great week! I love being a Gringa!!! 

Hermana Fun
Hermana Fun!

Rains almost every night.
Rains Almost Every Night.

Waiting for Summer!
Waiting for Summer.


  1. I love reading about your mission experiences, and seeing your pictures! What a great example you and Eden are to the rest of us!

  2. Crazy Hermana....how can you spread the "luz" if you break the "luz"?! Congratulations on your first baptism, you're Awesome!

  3. This is great! I love the huge smile that is in each of your pictures!