Tuesday, September 16, 2014


It is crazy to think I have been out for 2 months already. I can´t decide if it feels like a lot or a little yet. I figured I would tell a little about the great Hermana´s I have been living with. My comp is from Peru, is 23 and has not even been a member for 3 years. She will hit her 3 year mark this December. She is always saying "Esta Mujer" or "Esa Mujer" (this or that women). She is more patient with my Spanish then I deserve and she has started to pray in English more as I teach her here and there. She may be pretty short but she walks crazy fast. And makes me try to keep up a lot of the time. But she hates the hills and all the stairs we have! So every once in a while I end up giving her piggy back rides down the big ones. 

Hermana Taylor is the other Gringa in our casa. She is 21 and is from Utah. She is super funny and always has the Hiccups. Literally. It is like a problem she has had from 7 years. Some medical term I do not know the name of. But they are loud and big! Pretty funny but usually helps get people talking.

Hermana Gamboa! She is from Peru too and is 25. She is super funny as well and always is saying "Tengo swag" (I have swag). It is so fun teaching them English and their accents with it. It is impossible for them to say any word that starts with an S without and E sounds in front of it. 

My new Zone in Penco:
We spent the morning on the beautiful beach and the Elders found branches to make a volleyball net. They carried their oven slash stove all the way down to the beach to have burgers too. It was a ton of fun and a funny sight. 

Good old Spanish:
There are a few people that our surprised to hear I have only been in Chile for less than a month and I know a decent amount of Spanish. But I was humbled this week by a 4 year old who told his mom I speak funny. I may not have 4 years of Spanish knowledge but I love speaking and hey! I understood my first joke this week too! 

Thank you all for the letters and DearElders! I am known for over reacting in the office where we get our mail but I can not help it. Thank you for all the love and prayers. 

Hermana Lance 


  1. A piggy back ride?! I love that so much!

  2. Your sunny disposition is so contagious and is one of your best characteristics. Everyone in your zone area must love being around you......and you are the youngest Hermana. Glad you don't have to share a bedroom with the Hermana afflicted with hiccups, that must be horrible in the dark quiet of the night.