Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Independencia Dia!

The 18th of September and the whole week of it actually is just a huge blast in Chile! People everywhere are always giving you food. Tons of bread and bake goods! Which, yes, that means more Mote con Huesillo. I had probably 7 or so more glasses of this whatever and was able to keep it down a ton better. And somehow I found out I asked a second round when I thought I was asking for just peach juice. Nevertheless!! Each dose gets easier. Hopefully the leaf overs from the 18th will run out soon so my stomach can have a bit of a break. Besides tons of Mote was tons of empanadas! Which I enjoy. But after my 11th in 42 hours I think I am good till the next 18th of September. We never had a chance this week to even think about being hungry. A member cook 7 sausages, 4 steaks, and 5 chickens just for my companion and I. She has been passing along her skirts to me that she struggles to fit in after 6 months in Lirquen. Hopefully I will still be able to fit in them after more time here myself :)  

It was hard to find and teach this week because of the Holiday. Lots of people were out a ton and lots of people had family visiting. So on the 18th of September all four Hermanas in Lirquen went to the main Plaza where there are lots of street venders. We drew the Plan of Happiness HUGE with chalk and did our best to contact and teach families how they can enjoy the happiness that their family gives them for all of eternity. 

We of course had to get our own cueca dresses for the national dance of Chile! It is such a fun, simple, flirtatious dance. The members of our church had a fun activity and lots of dance competitions. Hopefully my videos work out with sending for you all to see. The dresses can be SO big with giant slips under them. All the members said I looked more Dutch then Chilean.  

I hope my letters are getting to you all in a decent time frame. Please email me your address if you would like a personal letter. I love writing them and my family and friends are always in my thoughts and prays. A HUGE thanks to my capa (smart) and linda (beautiful) madre! She keeps this blog running and I am so thankful for her help in preserving

these memories! Have the best week!

Con mucho amor,

Hermana Lance  


  1. I hope you get to keep that awesome dress!

  2. You do look more Dutch than Chilean! I especially love the sidewalk chalk Plan of Salvation. Did it work out well and did you generate a lot if conversation? I love your smart and beautiful mother, too.��