Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lirquén, Chile! My first area!

Last days in Mexico City with my District.  So thankful I get to see 6 of these powerful men and women here and there in Chile! 


After many hours on a plan I am finally where I have wanted to be for a good while! Even though I had to leave the awesome weather and people of Mexico it is great to be using what I know. Which I have learned very fast is not much at all. All the Spanish I thought I knew means nothing at all in Chile! The speed is insane and I can not even catch, "How are you?" or "Where are you from?"  I have gotten some of the biggest neck turns ever. I stand out more than I thought. My comp and I have gotten lots of car honks and blown kisses in our direction. She said it is a tall blond thing. We were contacting this one man who asked how long I would be in Chile and that I should stay as long as I can so I can share my genes. Of course I just smiled clueless of what he was saying until my comp said it all much slower for me after he left. I have to watch my head in most houses to try not to hit ceiling fans or lights. And I can not even stand up straight in our shower. And I am not even that tall....just a gringa. 

So my COMP!! 

Hermana Lino!!! She is 23 and is from Peru annnnnd speaks no English. YAY! We have had such an interesting week. I have been teaching her English though. It is hard not to have head ache moments after saying good morning and trying to focus super hard on every word she says but I am sure it will help me progress much faster than I would with a Gringa. Speaking of Gringas! I have never felt so different around people before. An investigator we have, finally measured me because I was not sure of my height in their metrics system and people always ask. 176 cm!! My companion is super loving though. She always is hanging on my arm and guiding me every which way we should go.


TOO MUCH!! Oh my goodness. So we eat a HUGE lunch everyday at 1: 30 and then that is it for the rest of the day besides snacks if we want. But I am dying after lunch. It is rude if you do not lick your plate clean basically. They usually start you with a soup then a crazy big main dish and always desert. With optional bread and salad on the table. I am usually full after the soup so I have learned to stay away from the optional bread and salad so I can finish everything else. It also helps eating fast so I can not feel myself getting full. Yikes! That does not sound healthy. So I am never ever hungry.


We teach a man named Daniel! And I pride myself in just understanding simply the subject he is talking about because he goes on and on and hardly breaths when he speaks. I finally grabbed the remote on the table during a lesson and said pausa! He laughed so hard! He did not change the speed of his Spanish but he lets me pause him every once in a while to try and catch up! 


Again super slow, but this time DearElder is slower than regular mail. No idea why. I do not know why a lot of things happen here as of right now. I am making my way though. Feeling a lot of things and learning even more! I love and pray for you all! 


H. Mckenzie Lance 


  1. Gringas are awesome! It's so much fun seeing your pictures and hearing your stories. By Christmas you will be speaking so much better. Keep it up!

  2. That must have been a monster air flight from Mexico City all the way to Concepcion, Chile. But you still have your brilliant smile and a great sense of humor and can-do attitude. That will take you a long way toward success and strength of character. Glad to hear the Chileans value tall, North American blondes. Your trainer sounds like a winner and she is gorgeous. No wonder you both turn heads. Stay strong Sweetheart. Love you.