Tuesday, October 7, 2014

3 Months In

3 months of my mission have come and gone! I can not decide if that is a lot or not. But it feels like no time at all. I am so grateful to be here with the very kind and loving people of Chile. Almost too kind. When we contact people and write down their address and phone number to visit them at another time they are so amble!!! They are so kind and loving just hugging you throughout the whole conversation and you get so stink-in excited that they have desires to learn more about the Gospel of Christ. But most times they were just enjoying the conversation and when we actually make the trip to visit them they are always surprised we actually came. Better than being straight up rejected though I would say. 

This past Saturday our Zone of Penco participated in this huge church event in the Plaza. Us and other churches had booths of information on their church. We used the time to share what we know to be true and what separates us from other churches. The Book of Mormon and the truth that we can have our families with us for all of eternity! We got a lot of attention because we were the only church there who had Gringos. 

Oh yeah! And more about Chile. When you ask someone how they are, they tell you exactly how they are. Which even means bad. "I am so bad", "I am so sick", "I do not have work". It is always such a surprised. They will tell you if you have gained too much weight or if you are not eating enough. They have the best intentions the whole time too. 

Till next week! 
Con Amor,

Hermana Mckenzie Lance 


  1. That sounds like a fun day and like cultural shock, but any culture that friendly is fun!

  2. I should think the whole city population would stop by your booth just to look at you. Gotta use all your advantages...especially your sense of humor and great smile. Love you PL!!