Monday, October 12, 2015

Brutal Collao

I love Collao, the members and the size of the sector. It is crazy big and we talk to people every day who have never talked to or seen missionaries before which impresses me so much. There is so much to do. But Collao has been a sector where I have probably had the most brutal rejection. 
I feel as though I do my best to always tell about the best parts of my week and that I am pretty well at finding the positive side of all the experiences but I wanted to be a bit more real about the hardships that we have had recently.
Almost a solid third or more of the people we talk to just in the street do not believe in God. I would say that it is a college city and that could have a lot to do with it. A bunch a young people just trying to live while they are young without thinking about tomorrow or consequences, but it is still surprising.
Some houses just let us in to yell at us or challenge our faith. And all you have to hold onto is your burning testimony that sometimes doesn't even get to them because they are so turned off from the spirit.Or they do not even breath between what they say to hear you. I have really had to adjust how I teach with people that do not believe in God. And it is very hard to extend a commitment to pray and have them reject it completely. Explaining how it would be pointless and they did not even want to try to see what they could loose. At the start of my mission things like that would really frustrate me but now it really just gives me a lot of "pena".....sadness, worried about what will happen to them, pain from thinking how sad our Father in Heaven must feel when others reject the chance to communicate with him.
It hurts but I know that I have already chosen who I follow. I have crossed the line. I do not need applause. I live by faith. I am edified by prayer. My path is hard, my mission is clear. I will not complain about the sacrifice. I will be obedient till my last day. I feel as though I can speak so boldly because this road has brought me the most happiness in this life. We are not promised an easy road....just a destination. I invite you to ponder this destination. Eternal life, a happiness that does not know an end.....forever, with God and your family. Do you want to be happy? --- Live the gospel.
3 Nephi 5:13
Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life. 

(As my sister would say) FUN FACT: I had already met Gerald's dad. He was lost in my old sector, Hualqui. We helped him find the way to where he was going.
My comp and I also got asked to go out with the 2 new sister missionaries this transfer and so a mini exchange with them for the new missionary conference. I got to be with a friend of a mutual friend from BYU! That is the cute blonde girl in the selfie with me.
The baptism picture is of a man I taught all the way back in my first sector who was fighting addictions. He finally did it!!! His wife was so diligent with him and us.
There was 4 investigatores in the church Sunday with a baptism date! We are committed to have 5 next Sunday!


  1. The rejections sure do sound brutal but WOW what exciting news about the baptisms!

  2. The rejections sure do sound brutal but WOW what exciting news about the baptisms!

  3. I love your comment that we are not promised and easy road but we are promised a Heavenly destination. We should be committed to overcome any challenge on the road to get to that destination. For one so young you are oh so wise. Love you.