Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Noche de Country!

We had the best activity Friday night. We did a country night! It was so fun! We needed to get the members excited for the activies and started with a fun one to have them excited for the next to come which will be focused on the missionary work.
For the country night we made fried Oreos!!! They were delicious! It was one of the number one things I remembered from growing up in Kentucky and being down by the river. We had them go bobbing for apples and blow bubble gum for competitions and of course a pie eating contest that was so intense! There was lots of cheering. We also organized the type of clothes that people use to take like old school pictures with top hats and long gloves and what not. We had a photo booth there for them and a funny cat walk. And to finished we taught them all how to dance the cotton eye joe. Everyone participated which made it turn out well. 

 As for the work! Gerald is doing well. We got to talking about the missionary work and she showed him our manual and he got way interested. I told him he could have one and he said but I'm not a missionary. I told him he could be. He did not say no, all he said was, "mas adelante" that is not a no so there is some interest there :) 
We have also been working with a couple that is not married. They have a date to be married the 12th of Nov. Mariela y Luis se llaman. They have been coming to church for a few months now. The only thing is that ALL of Chile is on a strike....and no one can get married! We really need some specific prayers so that this strike ends before the 12th of Nov. They want to be baptized the 14th and go to the temple the 20th. Mariela is so happy. They have been together for 15 years and they just had never thought about being married. I can not remember if I have mentioned them before but all is well with them just a strike problemita. 

On Saturday Concepcion had the ground breaking for the temple!!! It was a beautiful ceramony and my companion from the MTC got to play the piano for the event! It makes me so happy for all of the people in the south of Chile and even Argentina. The sacrifice will not have to be as big to be able to participate in the blessings of the temple. They do have a lot of work to do still. The temple wont be ready for another 3 years. It is perfect though. To find and rescue a family in the next few years and help them prepare to enter the temple together in the small time period of 3 years. 
It is kinda a lot of random thoughts today but I also get a new companion. She is from Mexico and we will make the switch tomorrow. 
Have a wonderful week. I love you all and pray for your success! 
Hermana Lance

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  1. Chileans dancing to "Cotton Eye Joe". I would love to see that. And also test out your Kentucky fried Oreos. Tasty!!