Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Gerald! Made of Gold

My very first week in Collao we found a golden investigator. It was actually my very first full day in Collao. We were in a trio for the day because the new missionaries that are in the training get the opportunity to go have a day with the leaders in the mission so we were paired with Hermana Ellis. She is a cute girl from Utah and it was great being able to get to know her. However she had been feeling super overwhelmed with all the changes that mission life gives you. She was being really hard on herself and the tears got to her. We had to sit down in a park for a minute or so to just take a break and help her get to feeling better. She was not liking how we talk to everyone in the street, it is so very overwhelming as a new missionary in a different language and in Chile so we set a few goals about the next contacts we were going to do together and then we went off the to go make them happen. And we went right up to Gerald. We got his information and set up a visit all thanks to Hermana Ellis.
He does his homework, and has been to church 2 times already. He makes a huge sacrifice to do it too. His family is from Tome (another city). He is only here to study and work so he is very lonely. The weekends he spends in Tome. But he woke up super early Sunday morning to travel back to Collao to be able to go to church and this past Sunday he did not go till after church on Sunday so he could participate with the Young Single Adults with their activity for the Chile soccer game and the BBQ they did.

He is doing great with learning everything except for the word of wisdom. He does not get the whole tea and coffee thing but he wants to try it out. He wants to not do anything to prevent him from getting his answer he is praying for from God.

The Young Single Adults here also put together a little gift basket of things to replace coffee and tea. He is doing great. His prayers are so sincere!! And he knows so much, but he does not know it. When we were trying to explain how he would recognize his answer he was like finishing our sentences and even applying how it went in church with him. Saying that maybe it could come from how he felt in church or something that someone said there. CAPISIMA!
There will be much news to come on Gerald! Keep him in your prayers!

Hermana Lance 

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