Tuesday, September 22, 2015

18 second round

I just celebrated my 2nd independence day in Chile and this time a whole lot has changed. 
Instead of swallowing down all the food trying not to taste it I love it....even the mote con huesillo. We ate so much. People do not let you in a lot to teach but they send you off with meat. 
I ate:
9 empanada 700 calories cada uno
1 mote con husillo 800 calories cada uno
4 pajaritos ni siquiera se cuanto
3 meat shiscabobs 300 calories cada uno
But it was a blast. One thing that I just love about their 18 de Sep. is all the flags that they have out. It is super pretty. 
Our investigator Gerald is doing very well. He is always with the young single adults and we are actually going to have to talk to them because it is getting hard to meet with him with all of his ward participation. He travels every week end to go to Tome where his parents live but he always has made a sacrifice to get back in time for church. A couple of weeks ago he had to stay there on Sunday and went out of his way to find the church there. He got a hold of the missionaries there and took 2 buses to travel far to the closest church to him. 
I had so much to write this week but received a lot of concerning emails about the earthquake so it will all have to wait. Thank you so much for your care and love. We were running around crazy trying to make 42 hour backpacks with the little supplies we could find in our apartment  but our sector did not hit any hard side effects. Please pray for the others in Chile who are suffering from lost loved ones and destroyed housing.

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