Tuesday, July 21, 2015

365 Days Latter

 My goodness I can not believe I have been gone for a good year. But it may be way ovious and showing in my photos to you all. As far as style and weight goes.They say for the Sisters that they have 12 months to enjoy Chile as far as eating everything you want and then 6 months to loose it all. It is actually called 6 months to sexy. But I am a little frustrated with my self because I only started enjoying it just a month ago (as far as eating). I think 3 months to sexy is a little more realistic for me.

I read back in my journal to when I first started the mission.....I have gone from being so stink-in frustrated with Spanish to absolutely loving it! My comp tells me I talk in my sleep in Spanish now and it drives her crazy because she cant figure out what embarrassing things I am saying. I never thought I would ever dream in Spanish. It is also funny to think that I have not slept passed 7am in 365 days either.  A year ago I also never thought I would see my own breath inside our own house.  

Hermana Heaton is the best new missionary. One reason being that she goes for all of my crazy object lessons and she test them out for me first. As you can see from the picture. I also have the best quote book going from her in my agenda. They may not be too funny to you all but I love them. Some are her funny way of trying to make English phrases work in Spanish but I will share a few: 
- Nuca le he visto....en la carne.
- That was a very climatic moment in my life. I got out of the way, screamed. and stepped in dog poop all at the same time. 

I guess something a little more serious that I could share after being a missionary for a year is that I have really gained a testimony in the way God guides us all perfectly in our path here on earth. That we can be frustrated with where we are at in life or with the situation we were chosen to face but it is only because we can just see  a few feet in front of us. And only takes 6 weeks, 3 months, or maybe a year to be able to look back and see how well God was preparing the happiness awaiting us. 
I remember before the mission saying how excited I was for hard days, trials, and moments to bend and break and grow so much....even though there were so many times in my mission when I wanted to take those words back....at the same time if I could go back....I would not change one thing. It was everything I needed and need and will need to be who God wants me to be and find so much more out about myself and strengths I never knew I had. 


Hermana Lance 

Below is a picture of ONE house.  It looks like two because of the fence and different styles, but it is one.  There is a lot of houses like this in Chile.


  1. You are a very insightful, spiritual young woman and the whole earth is a much better place because of your efforts. What a great year you gave experienced. Thank you for sharing it with all f us. Love you Princess Lollipop.

  2. You are so beautiful and insightful. I am so glad you are enjoying your mission and thankful for your experiences there. You are definitely setting such a wonderful example for all your siblings and cousins.