Wednesday, December 3, 2014

La Dia de Gracias!

 Ward costume party! Kitties & Super Women en vez de the Choose the Right sign we have Haze Lo Justo 

Of course we did not have much of a Thanksgiving but we taught our Latina house companions about some traditions. Hermana Gamboa from Peru still lives with us and now Hermana Ponce from Mexico lives with us. She is 28 and I would bet my 9 year old sister is taller than her. But we each went around our table for lunch and shared what we were thankful for. I can say that my list of thankful things have for sure changed from my time in Chile. My list ranged from my clean sink water and name brand toliet paper, to the opportunity to assist in the temple for the first time, and even though I am crazy far and in Chile, I can have MY family for eternity, 

But for right now my family is made up of Hermana Garces and I. We click so great! It is such a temptation to speak English with her so we had to make a rule to always speak Spanish in the street and we will slowly move to 100 percent Spanish. It is the funniest things when our conversations start in English and then slowly switch to Spanish and back and forth. We teach in such unity already. One time she had forgotten which lesson we were going to teach when we had entered a home. But she just wrote a quick question on her agenda in English. It is pretty fun to have secret language. 

El es la Dádiva! 

We have a wonderful project right now as missionaries and using this Christmas time to help share the gospel. It has a great video El es la Dádiva means He is the Gift. It is about the true gift Christmas. Here is the link.

Happy Holidays!

P.S. I almost forgot the best part of the week! We have had a really tough week as far as finding went - we had 0 new investigators....until Friday. And Friday we found 6 news! And one more on Saturday. It was hard to get to Friday with no one new but waiting for blessings makes them so much sweeter. Friday felt awesome! 


  1. your last photo was amazing....just as many Hermanas as Elders. Sweet!

  2. And we are thankful for you and your missionary work. It blesses our whole family!