Sunday, December 14, 2014

Mission Life

Oh my goodness!!!! I cannot tell you how many deep breaths I have had to take this week! We had to go from dropping loved investigators to finding solid new ones to having a father to a less active member of ours pass away. This week felt almost as long and draining as my very first week in Chile. We had to have a lot of "si o si" lessons this week. In other words, "a make it or break it lesson" where we have to decide if we can keep spending time with investigators who are not progressing enough to stay in our focus group. It is always  hard but better for everyone in the long run. Everyone has their own timing and I know I was not called to baptize a specific number of people but to give my very best. That was the calling to do everything in my ability and I know the Lord can work through these efforts.
One of which is teaching English. My comp and I have the assignment to teach English once a week to our Zone of Latinos and Gringos. It is not an easy thing for the Latinos and even though they were not thrilled with the idea we made it so fun for them all. We played ¨Do you love your neighbor¨and did relay races with spelling Christmas words. People were sweating and their was tons of dancing and cheering from a lot of the Latino Elders so I would say learning English is really turning around for them!
The name of this blog is The Gringa Life and we had one of the best stories only Gringa´s have. We were paying for a bust ticket the other day. Just to go down from the most North point in Lirquen to our house.  I was almost positive I  should have gotten a lot more change back for my peso but after asking the driver about it once I decided it was fine. The lady in line behind us said to the driver.....Sir....they may be Gringas but they are not tantos (dumb). She turned out to be an amazing contact and we have plans to visit her and her two sons in the week that is coming. And I got the correct change back.

I love you all so very much and am so thankful for the constant support. The Church is true and you are loved!

Hermana Mckenzie Lance  

Making Christmas Cookies at the Mission President's Home.

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  1. Everyday for you is an adventure...never a dull moment. You sound like a natural teacher with the games and activities you use to teach English. Your love and enjoyment of life really shines through and blesses your efforts to affect those around. Would love to give you a big hug. šŸ’‹