Friday, December 19, 2014


It is less then 2 weeks till Christmas and it does not feel a thing like it. Other then the occasional songs we hear that bring back every little memory from our homes. But it has gotten us a lot of new people to meet and teach. Just by people being impressed how far away from home we were going to be spending Christmas.  But we are making the very best out of it. Hermana Garces and I got big, fuzzy, socks for Hermana Gamboa and Hermana Ponce in our house and we are doing the 12 days of Christmas for them every night with a little something for them to wake up to every morning. 

I hit 5 months of my mission the 16th of this month. Crazy to see how much Lirquen has changed in just the time I have been here for 4 months. And even how much change we have seen in just one week. After having a super duro week last week we had one of the very best weeks this past week!! After having to kill (stop visiting) an investigator who was not progressing he came to church ON HIS OWN this past Sunday. And told us that he was ready to take it seriously! We also went to visit Patty. The sweet lady who stood up for me getting short changed on the bus. She has two little boys. One who is 8 and the other 9. When she found out I grew up in Kentucky she got so excited. She yelled, " Kentucky Fried Chicken". I said "yeah that is you know it?" She is a pretty heavy set woman and she grabbed a fat roll (which are called completos here, meaning hot dog) and said "yeah I do, se nota (you can see)". She can not go more then 5 minutes without telling us how "linda" we are and with everything we say and family perfect this all is. But it is just the simple gospel of the Church of Jesus Christ. She knows she lacks in the religious aspect in her home and wants nothing more then for her two boys to have that in there lives. She said she usually does not speak up in situations like on the bus. But she is super glad she did y que ahora nos conocemos. 

BROMA: What does the cowboy say when he wants to call for his daughter......... HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIJAAAAAAAAAAA :) 

Love you all! 
Hermana Mckenzie Lance 

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  1. You are una mujer loco! Or is it loca? Hmmm. Anyway, I love to read your stories and feel your excitement and learn how instrumental you are in the lives of others. Not surprising. This Christmas is your first adventure away from Kentucky/Michigan/Home. Your family will miss you more than you will miss your family