Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Family and Friends!!! 

I have been so excited to email this Monday because dear convert Daniel! We had lunch with him and his family just the other day. Usually when we come in he is on the computer on watching videos from the church or reading some folleto we had given him. So he was on his computer but this time on Facebook. And not just on Facebook, he was friends with my parents! So he was flipping through all of their pictures and events. AND THEN!! He was watching old family video from church talent shows and such. It was killing me! He was just laughing so hard. He is so friendly and just wants to get to know us so well. I already know it is going to be super hard to leave this sector when we have transfers. But he always teases me. After lunch he said he was just going to go talk to my family and nap. He laughed so hard because he knows very well that I have to wait until Monday to write home we just go back to work after lunch :)

Our baptism for this past weekend fell through. Pablo had plans to be baptized this past weekend but he got nailed on the head with a heavy pipe. Not just once, but 3 darn times! Yikes! He has been doing a lot of construction on his house and that is when it happened. So when he had his interview the day after his accident he could only remember about half of what we had taught him. He also was having a hard time remembering friends and a girlfriend...who was not happy at all about that. But things are improving rapidly for him and we should have this baptism this Saturday! 

Remember how I said the people tell you everything you want to know with a simple, "Hola, como esta" yeah? Okay, this was the best reply we have ever gotten.....a colonoscopy!!!!! This man told us he was so bad because he had just had a colonoscopy. Haha, I was dying for the conversation to pass so I could finally double check with my comp that that is what the man said. 

Oh hey! Remember Elder Montoya? The Elder who had the accident in the CCM. He is in Chile! Not only that he is in my new Zone as well! With a very brand new smile as well ;) 

So hardly any housed have doorbells. And a lot of them have gates that prevent us from knocking on the doors. So when we need to let someone know we have arrived we literally yell Haaaallooooooo outside their door. About 3 or 4 times, however long it takes for them to come out. And the best part! I don´t sound like a Gringa! They have no idea that I am a Gringa from the states trying to teach them about The Gospel of Jesus Christ. So their faces are always fun to watch as they are surprised to see me and my comp from Peru. They always say, "Mire! Una rubia!" (Look, a blondy). But of course it is one great way to start up a conversation by explaining how far away we are from home because of the happiness this Gospel has brought our lives and all we want to do is share :) 

Have another wonderful week! I love being Hermana Lance :)

My Zone.

The Gringos.

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  1. My sweetest Teddie!! You make me so happy and I love you so much. "Mira! Una Rubia!" When we lived in Spain the locals would call your Uncle Miles "El Rubio" because he was such a cute little blond boy. And I nearly died laughing about the "colonoscopy"!! And Daniel being a FB buddy with your mom!!! How funny is that?! Did he see you saying, "appy, appy alloween" without any of the "h's"? Isn't it amazing how powerful one's life can be as it touches someone else's life. God has given you a fabulous tool in which to illustrate the joys of the Gospel and the joys possible in our mortal journey. Keep sharing your smile and your love.